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Man has fermented grapes into wine for over 7,000 years.

caveman3Imagine the scene.  A prehistoric man picks up a rustic bowl filled with wild grapes that, serendipitously, had been left outside his dwelling for a few weeks.   It was a unique moment in history.  Our ancestor must have tentatively tasted the new wine.  And perhaps handed the vessel to his mate to sample.  Then, after a few  more sips, both of them most assuredly broke into satisfying smiles.  From that moment on, the quest to pursue the marriage of yeast and grape has gone on unabated.

I feel some kinship to that ancient winemaker because the joy of turning grapes into wine is, indeed, gratifying.  To create, enjoy and share this special beverage embodies hospitality worldwide.

The process of making wine is not all that difficult.  But, making good wine…ahhh, that is a bit more challenging.  Today in the United States, there are over 5,500 commercial wineries, not to mention untold thousands of home winemakers.  But all of us, amateur and professional enologist, pursue our passion for the love of the finished wine and the joy it brings to those who sip from the glass.

On my HAGARTY CELLARS  link  I will share stories of my adventures, pitfalls and successes in making wine at home.  And who knows, as you follow my experiences you may also be drawn into the alluring pursuit of turning the vine into wine.img_00772

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