Rock-N-Barbers leaps to further success on February 29

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Note: This article was published before COVID-19.

Marshall hair emporium goes full service

There’s an average of 150,000 hairs quietly growing on a guy’s head. Multiply that by 22, and it’s the about the number of hairs Kristy Haase snips each day. Toss in two more stylists, and some 6.6 million strands are cascading to the floor of her popular shop each day.

That helps explains in part why Haase is doubling the size of her hair displacement factory, now located at 4199 Winchester Road, Suite G, in Marshall.
But it’s not just haircuts that have driven the expansion of the locks trimming shop.

On Saturday, February 29, the business will double in size when it moves next door from its current location and begins offering a host of new services.
Look for high-pressure tanning beds (reduces tan time from 20 to 14 minutes).

In fact, given the surge in vitamin D deficiency today, some health experts posit that periodic light tans are the most natural way to boost levels of the much-needed sunshine vitamin.

In addition, organic spray tanning, hair coloring, facial waxing of eyebrows, lips, and chins, professional massages, and an increased emphasis on women’s hairstyling are also newly available services.

What she had formerly created was a unique barbershop catering to men but also serving women. “About 90 percent of my customers are guys. But the men would tell their wives what we do. When the women came in, they didn’t see old barbers in overalls cutting hair,” said Haase chuckling.

What they did see is a shop staffed with experienced women and one man who knows hair from the roots up. At any given time, one would see Haase and one or two of her staff of four cutting or shaving while chatting away with their clients. Rock music played in the background and friendly banter echoed around the shop.

“I wanted a shop that was modern but with a relaxed atmosphere. That’s why I went with a rock music theme. I’m originally from Cleveland, which is the home of rock and roll, and I thought it was a cool idea to create a shop called Rock-N-Barbers.

“I started cutting hair back in 2001. I picked up a solid male following. I enjoy cutting men’s hair. I’m not too fond of doing coloring or permanents.”

In addition to custom haircuts, the guys get to choose their favorite rock genre from Amazon’s Alexa that stands poised to play classic rock or whatever rock music desired. None of the old formats will change with the expansion of the business.

Now more than hair
Her original concept was to focus on men’s hair. But to grow the business, the fairer sex needed a bit more attention. What created the opportunity to expand was the unexpected availability of a salon next door to her current shop.

Last August, the owners decided to move and vacated the space. It had a massage room, break room, quality bathrooms, and an upscale retail desk in the front.

Haase quickly realized taking Rock-N-Barbers to the next level was a two-step sideways move. Plans she had harbored for years crystallized in a heartbeat. The serendipitous availability of the 1,250 square foot space cinched the deal, and she spent three months writing a business plan to make it all happen.

In addition to further custom finishing the shop, Haase has hired an exceptionally talented hairstylist, Leslie Townsend.
“In addition to strictly cutting women’s hair, she’ll also be in charge of training the staff. She’ll be my go-to women’s hairstylist,” says Haase.

A massage therapist was brought on board too, Kerry Doheny, who arrives with her bona fides in place. She worked at a high-end salon in Tyson’s Corner that charges $185 an hour. Rest assured, you will not find that price tag on any of Haase’s new offerings.

Doheny will offer at least 10 different massages, including Swedish, sports, and cup massages ranging in length from 30 to 90-minutes.

In addition to a massage table, there will be a massage chair in front of the shop where quick 15-minute rubdowns can refresh and recharge stress-laden clients.

“Even a 15-minute session can be therapeutic and perfect for healing or preventing injuries,” says Haase.

Another new hire will be a receptionist who will staff the appointment desk and keep the shop looking as sharp as one of its freshly trimmed clients.

So what are some of the trends in men’s hair today? For sure, all manner of beards and goatees are fashionable.

“The younger guys also like cuts that are short on the sides and long on the top with parts. Before, it was a bit of a spiky look. Now, they want a smoother appearance. In fact, some younger guys are asking for perms because of their long hair on the top,” Haase observes.

She says that older men with thinning hair are increasingly going for a clean, super trimmed buzz cut. “The comb over is definitely out.”

Haase is excited and animated about her latest career shift. “I think the shop is going to do really well. It’s been a lot of hard work, but it’s all coming together. I think our customers are going to like all the new services we’ll be offering.”

And if it gets a bit hectic for the energetic owner, she can always slip into the massage chair and let her tensions flutter to the floor, along with all those snipped hairs.

For the full cut on Rock-N-Barbers, its services, hours and scheduling appointments visit https://www.rock-n-barbers.com/ , or call (540) 364-8133.

Published March 2020 in the Fauquier Times.

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