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The new owner of The Grapevine wine shop in Warrenton is Dan Kutruff, a wine professional who has turned a passion into a gift for Fauquier County wine lovers.

Dan Kutruff

Dan Kutruff

The enthusiastic entrepreneur has pulled corks at a number of venues including Wegmans in Gainesville, accumulating a wealth of expertise that is satisfying lovers of the fermented grape.

Wine selections range from $6.99 for an everyday sipper to $250 for a world-class champagne. However, value wines are spotlighted. “Since taking over the shop, I’ve increased our selections of wines under $15 by forty percent,” says Kutruff.

A diverse selection of wines that’s easy on the wallet? Nice.

So does Fauquier County have a defined wine profile? Not at all says Kutruff, “Diversity is how I would describe our customers’ wine preferences. That’s what makes the job so much fun. I have a penchant for trying to cater to different palates. We don’t sell things just because. We want to make our customers happy.”

As proof that the shop supports the local wine culture, Kutruff says, “I’ve increase our Virginia wine business considerably since we’ve moved in.”

In addition to wines, the shop is also a cigar retailer. Its walk-in humidor with a wide selection of cigars is maintained at a steady 72 percent humidity. And it smells great in there too!

Walk-in humidor

Walk-in humidor

Rounding out the shop’s inventory are ninety different craft beers, ciders and meads.

With summer fast approaching in the Piedmont, The Grapevine is focusing on the quintessential warm weather wine: Rosé.

“Our next big summer excitement is dry rosés. I’ve ordered rosés from all over the world…Spain, France, Washington State, California, South Africa, and Italy, just to name a few,” says Kutruff.

So what draws a person to open a wine shop? No complicated head game answer here: “This is what I was meant to do,” says a smiling Kutruff.

Wine lovers, man your corkscrews!

The Grapevine

389 W. Shirley Ave.
Warrenton, VA 20186

New ownership with expanded selections

Lets’ do the numbers

575 wines…250 new picks since opening
120 cigar selections from the world’s top producers
90 different craft beers
Local cheeses and honey
Custom gift baskets
Free wine tastings on Saturdays

Monday – Thursday 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Friday – Saturday 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.


Published in the summer 2014 edition of inFauquier magazine.

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