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Popular music instruction firm poised to expand 

In 2010, Greg Harpine made a decision to quit his job in law enforcement and devote full-time to teaching musical instrument classes for Culpeper’s young and young at heart.

White Dove Studios IIHe turned in his badge, picked up a guitar and never looked back. Today, students age 6 to 75 visit his home studio daily for personalized and family-oriented instruction in a wide ranging number of instruments. Over 40 students a week pass through his offices.

From banjo to bass and violin to voice, if it makes music Harpine and his five instructors teach their students to “sing” with the joy of music making.

Harpine started giving lessons part-time in 2007 and made a faith-based decision to go full-time in 2010.

“I had what you call a ‘Peter in the boat’ moment,” recalls Harpine. “You have human fears. You are worried about a monthly pay check. But you have to have faith and step out and know God is good every day.

“God doesn’t know recession. God doesn’t know shortages. If we trust and have faith, He opens doors for us every day.”

As proof in his belief, White Dove has steadily grown in size since it opened. “We have not felt the impact of the recession,” Harpine said.

While talented musical instructors form the core of a musical instruction firm, Harpine provides both his skilled teachers and students with a family-like setting that is critical to a student’s success. He strives to create an inviting atmosphere that brings out the best of their abilities.

In the front room of his studio are couches and a coffeemaker. It’s not unusual for the teachers to find waiting parents asleep when their child has finished a lesson. Relaxed defines his holistic approach to teaching music.

To further enhance the family theme one entire wall is hung with photos of his students. “We call it our ‘Family Wall’, Harpine said.

Unlike many musical instruction firms, White Dove’s lessons are a full hour long. Preparing for and winding down from a half hour lesson often leaves just 20 minutes for serious instruction.

“We won’t teach for less than an hour. It’s important to teach the music but it’s so much more important to develop a rapport and relationship with your student. They have to feel comfortable playing in front of you and being able to make mistakes and not feel like the world is going to coming crashing down,” Harpine said.

The price for the personalized instruction is $140 a month that provides four weekly one-hour sessions.

Souls In Harmony
Greg HarpineHarpine had also been providing instrument instruction for autistic children and the elderly. One of his regular students was a retired financial adviser and asked him why he didn’t incorporate that portion of the business into a non-profit organization.

He did not realize he could serve the musical needs of special students as a non-profit. “The gentleman helped me file to become a 501c3.” said Harpine.

As a result, “We are now ready to step out into the community and bring music to a lot of folks. It’s going to make a huge quality of life change for them. Research shows music can positively impact, and even reverse, dementia and Alzheimer’s.”

The company is called Souls In Harmony and was launched in early July. Harpine will devote full-time to building his new business. It will provide music lessons at nursing homes, senior citizen centers and other locales for special needs students.

New vice president
As is often the case, a new business can provide opportunity for others. In this case it’s for one of Harpine’s instructors. Kim Lillard has been promoted to vice president of operations at White Dove Studios.

Lillard began as a student and rapidly advanced through four instruments becoming proficient on the guitar, drums, ukulele and piano. “I couldn’t give her enough to do, she was like a sponge,” Harpine said.

Soon enough Lillard was teaching. “She was absolutely a natural; compassionate and caring.” When Harpine committed to starting his new business, Lillard was promoted to vice president, enabling him to step back from the day-to-day management of White Dove.

“She has been nothing but a blessing since she has been here. I have zero doubt in this young lady’s abilities. She’s my right hand,” said Harpine.

“It’s just a really great experience. Music has been a big part of my life and it’s nice I get to share that with other people,” Lillard said.

But wait…there’s more
White Dove Studios provides highly rated musical instruction and instruction for the special needs segment of the local population but it’s only part of its product offerings.

The firm also has onsite recording and video production studios. Individuals or businesses interested in producing record demos, records, advertising campaigns or conference materials will find the company prepared to deliver.

These offerings include songwriting, songwriting collaboration, arranging and copyright assistance.

White Dove Studios is located at 15161 Beverly Court. Visit them at for a full description of its product offerings.


Published in the July 23, 2015 edition of the Culpeper Times.

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