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Office opening is homecoming for regional vice president

For 12 years Steve McCoy was the office manager for a propane company in Bealeton. He loved the job and the people of Fauquier County. But cream always rises to the top and when the company was sold in 1996, McCoy moved on to greener pastures and greater responsibilities.

Today, he’s pleased to call Fauquier home again. No, he’s not living here but he’s the regional vice president of Blossman Gas & Appliance with an office west of Fredericksburg.

McCoy knew Warrenton and the surrounding area well and the company was looking for an area to expand to so he pitched the idea to his company’s CEO. “He was in full agreement with my recommendation and today we’re located at 259 Broadview Avenue.”

Opened in March of this year, the newest entrant in the local propane market is off to a solid start. Paul Perkins manages the office with a staff of administrative, technical, sales and delivery personnel.

“Our Warrenton office is representative of all our offices. It’s located on the main street of town and staffed by local people who are serving the local community,” said McCoy. “We’ve generated 200 new accounts since opening. Our goal is to have 4,000 customers within five years.”

That’s a formidable challenge but 67 years of business experience will be brought to bear in achieving the goal.

Blossman Gas is the largest family-owned propane company in the United States. Founded in 1951, it’s headquartered in Ocean Springs, Miss., employs 800 people at 76 branches throughout Southeast and Mid-Atlantic states and serves 150,000 customers.

Annually it produces 100 million gallons of propane sourced from the gulf coast, W.Va. and Pa. Its CEO, Stewart Weidie, is the third-generation leader of the firm and reinforces its commitment to the Fauquier region.

“We are heavily invested in the service side of our business from the person answering the phone to the technician serving your appliances. We’re here for you,” said Weidie.

McCoy underscores that commitment. “We make it easy to do business with us. We have a ‘service pak’ program that protects our customers from market volatility.”

The program stabilizes the cost per gallon of propane so customers can budget their energy costs and not be hit with unexpected rate increases.

One thorny issue that can arise when considering a different propane company, is the is the above-and-below ground storage tanks. “Some customers feel they are trapped because they have a tank owned by the company they’re doing business with.

“We make easy for customers to switch. With one call to our office we’ll take care of the issue. Customers do not need to get in the middle of the negotiations,” said McCoy.

When asked how soon a customer could begin service, McCoy’s quick response was, “I can make that happen this afternoon. And that would be with competitive prices and a payment plan with a price per gallon based on an entire season.”

The company also services commercial accounts. They currently have promotional programs for home builders, HVAC contractors, plumbing contractors and realtors that include seamless service changes from electric to propane.

Service to the construction industry includes leasing temporary heating equipment and selling fuel for uninterrupted service during cold weather construction. The firm sells and installs a host of gas appliances for new home construction.

Blossman markets a line of home interior and exterior products such as gas fireplaces, grills, water heaters, cooktops and clothes dryers. Interestingly, the firm will even convert small and large gasoline engines to propane, including lawnmowers.

McCoy points out today the United States is a net exporter of propane making it a competitive domestic energy source. It’s also a cleaner fuel than gasoline and diesel.

To underscore the service commitment offered by Blossman, if an emergency arises with either residential or commercial customers after normal business hours, the incoming call to the Warrenton office is routed to the firm’s call center in Ocean Springs, Miss. A local technician is then dispatched to the customer’s site.

In making a case for propane, Blossman points out gas is affordable, reliable, made in America, warmer than electric heat pumps, more efficient, widely available and environmentally friendly. What’s not to like?

As Steve McCoy oversees his latest pride and joy in Warrenton he says, “I’m ecstatic to be back in Fauquier County serving great people with a great energy source. I welcome everyone in the community to stop by our office. We want to get know everyone in our community.”

The Broadview office is opened Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.; (540) 905-7758.

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Published in the August  ,2018 edition of the Fauquier Times. 

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