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The Internet is a marvel. Recently, I received an email from Wildlife Tours Australia in Melbourne inquiring about the Virginia wine scene. The small firm sponsors a host of unique tours, including winery visits. I invited employee Leigh Franklin, who had discovered my website, to share his take on winery touring in Australia. Given the recent controversy surrounding the Fauquier County Winery Ordinance, I was particularly struck how wineries in his region embrace tourism. Read on.



                                         Wine Tourism Down Under

Australia is no longer just a country known for its Outback and wildlife. It is also emerging as a world contender for quality wine because of its diversity and premier wine regions like the Yarra Valley. While Aussies consider the history of their wine production “long,” it’s nothing compared to the history of Virginia wine.

The quality of wines in our country has undergone remarkable advancement because of the industry’s drive to compete globally. Although the country still offers wines that may not please everyone’s palate, it has an array of respected wines that have earned international accolades. Wine producers worldwide are learning by watching how the Aussies are improving quality and expanding market share.

The principal wine grape of the country is Shiraz. Although it did not get much recognition in the past, there are now numerous Shiraz wines in Australia that compare favorably to those produced in California or the Northern Rhone Valley. The country also has several good Cabernet Sauvignons and Chardonnays, along with some surprising offerings of Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling. Semillon, which is widely produced in the country, is known as the flagship white grape wine.

While Virginia wines are quite different from Australian in a lot of areas, I’ve found in travelling the world there is no better way to appreciate local wines than to sign up for a winery tour. If you want to see and taste the quality of local wines in Australia, there are a number of wine tours offered. The great thing about our tours is that the establishments just don’t let you taste the best wines of the region but typically offer food to compliment the tastings.

You are guaranteed to have fun on a winery tour especially if you are traveling with family and friends. A small group environment makes sure that you really get to relax during your visit to the vineyards.

Events at Aussie Wineries
Unlike some places around the world that have had trouble holding events at wineries, Australia is a lucky country. If you want to hold a wedding or other big event, you should have no trouble in Australia.

You won’t hear about the locals complaining about noise or traffic. Australians are use to wine tours and other affairs such as charity dinners or weddings. They welcome the tourism it generates. Because of the wide spaces of the vineyards and winery estates, there is plenty of room for everyone. No one will be interrupted or bothered by any festivities. Locals are thankful for the tourism and the visitors that are spending their money into their communities.

Franklin is a passionate wine lover who also enjoys the outdoors and wildlife. He works at and often takes the opportunity to enjoy the company’s Yarra Valley Wine Tours.

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